We’ve become a trusted partner because we pull out all the stops to get you the right products, when and where you need them – and we start by getting to know your business.

This is the first step in understanding how packaging fits into the big picture of your business. We’ll come on-site and do a deep dive into every aspect of your operation that connects with packaging:

  • Season and sales cycles
  • Product design
  • Market placement
  • Operational processes
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Inventory management

With Smart360, our whole focus is on finding ways to make it better, easier and more cost efficient, for your current and future packaging needs. It’s an important place to start.

One Stop Shop

We make it easier by offering a full packaging solution in one place.

  • Everything from 5 kilo bags to 2 tonne sacks
  • Large range of stock items for quick delivery
  • Full customisation of bags and sacks
  • In-house design and printing
  • Reliable technical support


We always offer full technical details on all our products so clients can make the choice that fits their requirements and commitments. We offer a large range of reliable, cost effective paper products and recycling advice for clients.

We’re actively involved in an environmental awareness scheme, focusing on the recycling for woven plastic bags in New Zealand’s agriculture sector.

Quick Responses
and Speedy Delivery

We’ll always respond and fix problems quickly so you can move on and get the job done. If it needs to happen, we’ll make it happen. And with our large range of stock items and warehousing in Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin, we can deliver products super quick.

The bottom line is, we genuinely care about your business and the way we can help drive efficiencies for better results.