Our team has frontline experience in primary sector industries, so it’s not just talk – we have the on-ground knowledge to seriously help. And while knowledge is critical, the real Smart Pack difference is our attitude. Every single person here will go further to get you the results you want, and if that means driving our own ute at midnight to make an urgent delivery deadline, we’ll do it. We’ve done it.

We’ll always be upfront with you, and while we’re serious about delivering the goods, we’ll always make it enjoyable along the way too. It’s why we started our business in 2015, and it’s why we’ll always go the distance for our clients.

A whole lot of energy,
directed where it’s needed.

‘Smart Pack was established in 2015 because I felt I could genuinely help clients who wanted seriously good packaging, with a top level of service to back it up. Luckily a few of those around me, including my Father, felt there could be some merit in the idea, so we got to work to bring it to a reality.

I’ve always been hands-on. My family has been in the Horticultural business forever, so I did my fair share of planting and harvesting crops as a kid. I went on to work for a flooring products importer and learned the fundamentals of business management, as well as international trade & distribution. I then worked for a local stock feed manufacturing business, dealing in every aspect of grassroots agriculture. Getting in the thick of it is what it’s about.

Its a pleasure to guide our awesome team, to bring the vision together, for the benefit of every client we have.

Everyone here goes the extra mile to help our clients be their best. It’s the way we’re wired. Bags and sacks might be our business, but it’s really about people and performance, energy and attitude. Every day.’

Leon Currie
Managing Director

021 228 3063


Leon Currie

Managing Director

021 228 3063

The founder of Smart Pack and the reason it all began. Leon had a dream of starting a packaging business that would be one of the best in New Zealand, and look where we are now. He is one busy man, overseeing all aspects of running the company, looking after the team and ensuring all of our customers are happy. He has plenty of energy and commitment, and when not working he spends his free time on his mountain bike, or with his wonderful family and friends.

Levi Currie

Sales & Business Development

021 705 899

All of our customers will know this friendly face. Levi is a committed team member with great product knowledge and understanding of what is best suited to your business. One of the favourite parts of his work day is a call from a new customer, so feel free to catch up with him. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing with his lovely new wife, family and friends.

Blake Currie

Sales & Graphic Design

021 670 904

Blake has been with us from the get go and knows the business backwards. He’s an absolute asset to the team, as he works with customers from a sales support and graphic design point of view. He’s kind of like an all-in-one package always ready to help. Outside of the office he enjoys time outdoors, playing music and socialising.

Dexter Hall

Customer Service & Sales Support

021 904 564

Dexter recently joined us and he’s not afraid to get stuck in. He’s enthusiastic and committed to his new role supporting the sales team. He absolutely loves sports, keeping fit and interacting with people. You can’t help but like him, as he’s super friendly and always willing to help. No job is too big or small for Dexter.

Donna Marshall

Admin & Sales Support


Donna is your go-to person for anything admin related. From accounts to logistics, she ensures all our systems are accurate and good to go, making life just that little bit easier for our customers. Nothing makes her happier than when everything balances. In her free time, she enjoys being with her family, biking, scuba diving and coaching hockey.

Tiffany Smith

Purchasing & Admin Manager

06 356 9835

Tiff is one in a million. She works tirelessly with our team of trustworthy suppliers, ensuring we have the stock to meet demand. She has fantastic admin skills and looks after us in the office. When she is not busy with work or her three little ones, she enjoys cake decorating and running.

Staci Jelliman

Marketing Specialist


Staci is the face behind all those social media posts you see. She absolutely loves giving a shout out to all our awesome customers, and showing New Zealand what we have to offer. Basically, it’s her job to make us look good. When not working and taking care of her family, you can find her decorating, horse riding or running in the trails.

Phoenix Currie

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Design


Phoenix is a new addition to our team and an absolute pleasure to have around. With her strong creative flair, willingness to try anything new and love of photography, she is perfectly suited to her role as marketing coordinator and graphic design. Outside of the office she balances herself with exploring the Manawatū outdoors and spending time with her little cousin.

Eilish Walton

Graphic Design & Admin Support


The lady behind all those creative bag designs, Eilish is always happy to go the extra mile to ensure our customers get exactly what they want. She can take any brief and create the perfect packaging design for your business. In her free time she loves baking, which we think is a bonus as any extras come our way.

Joseph Wycherley

Operations & Production


Joseph is always busy in the warehouse running our in-house printing machines that don’t seem to stop! With a practical mind and great at problem solving, he is perfectly suited to his role. When he’s not printing bags, you can find him assisting dispatch with your orders. Hard working and action-orientated, it’s no surprise that his evenings and weekends comprise of DIY and woodwork.

Jack Power

Production & Dispatch

Jack brings fun and laughter into our warehouse with his cheerful, lively attitude. He spends his time assisting with printing and dispatch, making sure products are perfect. Jack’s intense activity doesn’t stop at work, he is also brilliant at athletics, basketball, swimming and netball. It’s a pity we don’t have our own sports team!